G’day Bourbon Buddies. Not many events left this year, but we sure aren’t pulling any punches, we are going out with a BANG this year! The line up for this event is so huge we had to call in some favours from the states just to supply the demand. Introducing our next whisky night event “Whisky Row with Old Forester” for this event we will be loading both barrels full of tasty drams from the Old Forester Distillery out of Kentucky USA. Websters bar stared its whisky journey at the feet of Mt Bourbon with just a few bottles we hand selected ourselves, and here we are in 2020 sipping our favourites at the sumit with over 300 different bourbons that call our shelves home. On Wednesday the 9th of December, just over a week away, Christmas has come early with this one. we will be kicking of this event with old faithful Old Forester 80 proof. The O.F 80prof has been a Websters bar staple for many years featuring prominently in countless Bourbon cocktails on our menu and still holds a special spot for us.
We will be moving on up to the Old Forester Statesmen after that, then the 1870 and then… Drum roll…… OLD FORESERT 2019 BIRTHDAY BOURBON! Yes, you heard correct, we have brought out the big guns for this one and are one of the few bars in Australia that have this bad boy on the shelf. If that wasn’t enough, we have a very special “Surprise Bourbon” to follow that is sure to nock your socks of. But we are leaving that secret for ticket holders only. So, don’t miss out, and get in quick!


.Old Forester started its life back in the 1870s by a man named George Garvin Brown who began his career as a pharmaceutical salesman, it was this line of work that lead him to create the worlds first bottled Bourbon, which he named after a civil war Surgeon, Dr William Forester. The creation of bottled Bourbon wasn’t the Distilleries first, first. The company went on to pioneer many firsts for the industry including double barrel maturation, the first distillery to partner with the United States Military to produce Military grade alcohol after pearl Harbour, they invented the first every Whisky Decanter, and lead they way for the whisky cocktail boom of the early 60s. They were the first to release a “Single Barrel” Bourbon AND the first distillery to release a “Vintage” whiskey. Which Segway’s perfectly into our head line dram, the Old Forester Birthday Bourbon.


The Old Forester Birthday Bourbon is held in very high regards in the realm of Bourbon. Its exceedingly rare to see a bottle outside of the states, and even rare-er to have it shared around a room at a single event. With only 6 bottles available in Australia and a small handful of bars that have it on the shelf (Only 2 in Sydney) it with a great appreciation and joy that we get to share it with you lot. A commemoration bottling in celebration of the Old Forester founder George Garvin and his annual day of birth, this is the 19th iteration of this coveted expression. But whisky was meant for drinking, not reading about, so you will have to attend the event and taste this exceptional dram for yourself.


Old Forester 80 Proof

Old Forester Statesman

Old Forester 1870

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

Special Bourbon Surprise


Wayward Brewery started its origins as a humble home brewer, with a passion for the road less travelled. The inspiration for Wayward’s founder Peter Philip is on the back road and Breweries of Europe and its rich vibrate beer culture. A proud Gypsy Brewery him self Peter teamed up with Head Brewer Shaun Blisset and are now know as one of the O.G Fore fathers of Australian “Craft Brewing” kick starting a” locals only” brewing campaign that ignited the burners of many a Brewers vat in the inner west which is now home to over a dozen craft Breweries.




WAYWARD Barrel Aged Imperial Stout ‘The General” 10.5%


 This event is teaming with heavy hitters of the industry, and a few surprises that await. A full and robust line up of Iconic American Bourbon staples and Founders of the Australian craft beer boom