Our next Whisky Event line up is once again a very special one. This one however is a line-up that we have not showcased before. It’s a new adventure for us both, they are world renowned and respected, when it comes to WHISKY – This gang NO THE GAME.

We would like to welcome the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) to Websters Bar. To our shelves and to our line up of events…and it’s a bit of crowd pleasing spread they have put on to kick things off. Host Matt Bailey will take us through (and reveal) some of the secrets below.

We have teamed up with New England Brewery for this event. They have been playing around with some barrel aging, and let’s face it. They simply make bloody good beer.

Feast your eyes on this.

Round 1

113.40 – 2nd Fill barrel, 8 years old and sitting at 63.8%

12.49 – Ex IPA cask, 10 years old and coming in right on 60%

The Beer – Grandad Brown Ale

Round 2

9.187 – 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel, 16 years old at 53.3%

68.52 – 1st Fill PX Butt, 13 years old at 58.8%

The Beer – 6 month Barrel Aged Stout in an Ex Tassie Whisky which was an Ex Barossa Red Wine

Round 3

10.203 – Refill barrel, 14 years old at 57.1%

R2.13 – 2nd fill barrel, 16 years old at 50.8%

The Beer – 6 month Barrel Aged Stout in an Ex Beenleigh Rum which was a Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrel

This event comes with an optional add on. Matt has definitely dug deep and pulled out a corker of whisky for this.

53.322 – Refill Sherry Butt, AGED for 30 years! Sitting at 51.7%

Tickets for this event will be $85 per person, with the additional option to add on the 30yr for $45.

This Event will be held on Wednesday the 21st of April

As always our event tickets are none refundable and allocation is limited.

We have now added an exciting option to our events. You can now by the packs (again only a limited quantity) to enjoy at home. Some will have a link sent through after the event has concluded for you to watch with your pack. PLEASE NOTE: Packs will not be sent out until the event has been concluded.

WHAT: A whisky event partnering with the Scotch Malt Whisky Society and New England Brew Co.

WHEN: 7 PM, April 21st, 2021

WHERE: Websters Bar Newtown. Level 1

PRICE: $85


Allocation to our events are extremely limited, and pre-purchase is essential.

* * * * *



– Strictly No Refunds –

We hold the health and safety of our guests and staff above all else. Please adhere to the rules and guidelines put in place to make this event as fun and safe as possible. If you are feeling ill or showing any Covid-19 related symptoms before the event please contact the venue to let us know.