Whisky is a wonderful liquid, it brings people together, excites us, makes us happy, and can be shared and loved by all (Of age). Whisky is not just for the men in kilts or the yanks across the pond, but from all walks of life across the globe. For this event, A “whisky sior” we will be exploring the world of French whisky, with Michel Couvreur

A passion for whisky like no other Michel Couvreur will show us the art behind the juice and this distilleries unique way of producing an interesting and wonderful nectar.



Michel Couvreur is a man on a mission and a single process goal to create great tasting whisky. Currently aging barrels deep in the heart of wine country MC started his reign supplying wine to the scots, his friends encouraged him to add some whisky to his portfolio, and so it begun. MC discovered a new passion, one a little different from tradition. Michel Couvreur believe its not about the whisky spirit itself, but the way it is matured, more specifically the casks it is matured in. It is with this radical thinking that he packed up shop and opened a humid cave like cellar to begin his dwellings. MC typically sourced his barrels from Spain, most notably Pedro Ximenes, Oloroso and Palomino casks. It is with this specific cask selection, experimental maturation, and progressive blending that MC stands above the rest. The distillery, under the guidance of his wife continues this tradition, whilst also experimenting with different woods from all over the world and blending with the families wine experience and passion to create a truly unique whisky experiences approached by none other in its category.  


For this soir we will diving deep into the caves of Burgundy and pulling out some of the best that Michel Couvreur has on offer. A robust and colourful range of 5 rich drams from the French Distillery, we will be kicking of this evening with the extravagant Moscatel and Oloroso aged “MC Extravaganza” then moving our way on to the wild child, and personal favourite and Pedro Ximenes heavy “MC Overaged”. The 3rd, and very special dram in line for this tasty line up is the whopping 15y aged “2005 Single Cask” Limited to only 790 bottles released this Old cask strength is an un known whisky, aged in an exceptional way, using a single Palo Cortado Sherry barrel. Our 4th dram is the perfect Christmas sipper. The “Candid” is full of toffee and Christmas pudding that even Santa would love a nose full of. The 5th and final whiskey on this incredible line up is a special surprise. We are keeping this one a close secret for ticket holders only who will get to find out on the night.


Like the whisky, we wanted to keep things traditional, but also like the whisky we wanted to experiment with the new. For this event we could not make up our minds, so, why not both?  One of those choices was Chimay, a brewery steeped in rich tradition to sit alongside these drams on your tasting mat. A truly traditional Belgium brewery. Pumping out traditional Belgium beer from an Abbey since 1850 the core range of their brews have stood the test of time and the recipes and methods have not changed for over 2 centuries. Our second choice is a much younger brewery, but with deep French ties and forward-thinking innovation influence by old school methods. The Frenchies Brewery is located locally in Rosebery NSW, just a stone throws away from us, and the Frenchies have been long time mates with the crew here at Websters. In fact, we did an event with them not long ago, and thought they would make the perfect cherry topper for this mega event!


Michel Couvreur – Extravaganza

Michel Couvreur – Over Aged

Michel Couvreur – 15 year 2004-2020 Single Cask

Michel Couvreur – Candid

Secret serve





Your Choice Of:

 Black Angus Beef Burger w/ house made Websters burger sauce, Jack Cheese, Iceberg Lettuce & Pickles on a Milk Bun


Nashville hot fried chicken Sandwich w/ Dill Slaw, Jack Cheese Pickles & BBQ Quince Sauce on  Milk Bun


All Burgers come with Beer Battered Chips and Buffalo Hot wings.

Vegetarian and Gluten free options available on request.