A loooong night of whisky and beer for only $69? Websters’ first whiskey event of the year is just two days away. Tickets are extremely limited for this one folks, its bound to sell out so get in quick. We’re teaming up with an award-winning bottling company, Barrell Craft Spirits Co, who are bringing some of the best bourbon there is to offer. We will also be tasting limited and rare selected bourbons from Barrel & Batch Whisky Co-op and Whiskey Hunt Australia. All this bourbon paired with beers from Botany newbies One Drop Brewing Co. Everything they touch turns to liquid gold.



One Drop are known for their wild and wacky beers, Imperial thick shake Smoothie IPAs, luscious fruity sours and funky brews with some strange, yet intriguing ingredients. For this event we are keeping the Brews on the down low. There will be a few surprises on this ride, and some amazing, out of this universe pairings! Once again, you will have to buy a ticket to find out.



The accolades for the bottles coming out of Barrell Craft Spirts Co are just to damn long to list! Medal after Medal, Award after Award, and we know you know. So here is the list of things to come. Keep in mind this is a very exclusive, very limited and very hush hush event. So you will need to grab yourself a ticket to find out some of these hidden gems towards the end that we have on offer.

We’ll be tasting Whiskey Hunt Australia’s newest (and already sold out) release – “Drunken Bumble Bee” Rye Single Barrel Cask strength aged for 7 Years in a Honey Barrel (another name for a damn good barrel), it’s an incredibly unique drop that impresses from oakey start to vanilla finish. In fact, this will be your only (and last) chance to secure a bottle of the Bee.

From Barrel & Batch Whisky Co-op, their 13 year Single Barrel Tennessee Bourbon, at a cask strength of 61.31%, aged for 13 years in a virgin oak cask. A fruity Palate with Cherry, Orange and Mango, followed by maple Doughnuts and Vanilla! Finishes with a hint of bitter orange and black tea, exploding in a cinnamon & nutmeg to finish! Also a very limited bottling that will not be repeated.

Barrell Craft Spirits Co – Infinite

Barrell Craft Spirits Co – Dovetail

Barrell Craft Spirits Co – Batch24

Barrell Craft Spirits Co – Batch 25

Whisky Hunt  – “ Drunken Bumble Bee” Rye Single Barrel
(Bottle Sales Available)

Barrel & Batch  – 13 year Tennessee Single Barrel Bourbon
(Bottle Sales Available)