G’day Bourbon Buddies!

A Toast to Michter’s is our next Event at Websters. This will be held on Wednesday the 25th of November, alongside beers from Kaiju Brewery.

Michters is a bourbon that simply keeps setting standards, the most recent of which is The World’s Most Expensive Bourbon, which raised Over $200,000 For Charity! That’s an enormous effort.

We’ll be presenting the following whiskeys for the evening

– Shenks Sour Mash

– Bombergers Delclaration

– Michters Bourbon

– Michters 10yr Bourbon

– Michters Toasted Barrel Strength Rye

– Michters 10yr Rye

And beers lined up will be from Kaiju Brewery.

– Kaiju Crush

– Metamorphosis IPA

– Behemoth DIBA

Food, as always, will be provided.

Tickets are $59 per person